SPI 2018
Price estimation with open information.
Private company

Prediction of monthly amount of claims.
Private company

DA.AN.CE ® Study to implement a marketing data analysis center.
BNN Mexico

Projection of electoral results by political party in the state of Guanajuato - PREPPEG.
Electoral Institute of the State of Guanajuato

Development of an algorithm to analize the temperature and humidity profile in pharmacy and warehouses.
Private company

Deficiencies in sampling techniques for visual inspection.
Private company

Optimization of energy consumption.
Private company

SPI 2017
Warranty data analysis.
Private company

Design and implementation of a mathematical model for the correction of lighting inhomogeneities and RGB spectral correction in remote perception images of the coastline.
Public institution

Development of a tool for data mining, market research.
JAM Data Management

Detection and prediction of inconsistencies in the correlations of the prices of financial instruments that are traded in the International Quotation System.
SCI Group

Analytical estimation of the temperature in a closed tank.
Set-Point Solutions

Control of the variation in the plastic injection process.

Embedded mini hardware cluster.
SCI Group

SPI 2016
Integration of Motion Capture OptiTrack with GC Engine.

Design of replacement parts supply chain for after-sales service.

Automation of the Piece Counting Process.

Maximize efficiency through the manufacturing program.

Determination of the kinematics of the Rhesus monkey arm during a temporary synchronization task.

General model of product quality loss

SPI 2015

Web Interface System for Quantitative Analysis of White Matter Microstructure from Diffusion Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Towards a better online shopping experience with Augmented reality
Autonomous University of San Luis Potosí

Analysis of the Deterioration of Banknotes in Circulation
Bank of Mexico

Consumer preference maps of different products
Private company

Fatigue detection and prevention in bus drivers
Yellow arrow

SPI 2014
Smart sideboard
Private company.

Private company.

Optimization of freight transport routes.
Private company.

Detection, segmentation, rectification, character improvement and classification of vehicle license plates.
Private company.

SPI 2013. Feasibility Studies.

Identification and simulation of continuous systems. The epidemiological case

Solving engineering and real-world problems using a general optimizer: Optimate.

Solve large volumes of linear systems in parallel GPU architectures.

Robocup: Goal detection.

SPI 2012
Measurement of social-business performance using Twitter.
C3 International

Computational Design and Screening of Li-ion Battery Materials using Quantum and Atomistic Simulations.
UARC / NASA Ames Research Center and Stanford University, Silicon Valley, California.

Access Optimization through Fingerprints.
Private company.

Spatial improvement of MODIS images to transform bands from 500m to 250m using adaptive regression and normalization.

Generation of panoramic image from video.
Private company.

SPI 2011
Identification and planning of simulated dynamic tests for body validation.
Private. Automotive section.

Optimize the cost of installation to establish broadband coverage with radio links from different regions of the country. IPsoBox SA de CV.
Telecommunications Sector

Identify and apply techniques to determine parameter values ​​for a (stochastic) process generated with a computer simulator, which minimize a cost function.
Public sector.

Show the feasibility of creating an indexing algorithm for fingerprints in order to accelerate the search for a fingerprint in a set whose dimension is very large (greater than 1,000,000 elements). Private company.

SPI 2010
Reliable Object Tracking in Smoky Environments at Stand-off Distances.
Office of Naval Research Global Asia.

Automation of the process of vector updating of the geographical layers of Roads, Terraces and Gaps of the Metropolitan Area of ​​León.
IPLANEG, Government of the State of Guanajuato.

Comprehensive design of a system to organize large-scale events. Mexican Association of Business Women.

Simulation of a wind tunnel for "continuous wings" of aircraft. Aeroriel Reduction of waiting times for patients in an emergency room. Public sector Search of Minimum Energy Chemical Structures. University of Guanajuato.

SPI 2009
Mathematical modeling of the clay extrusion process in Texas manufacturing.
Laproba the eagle S. A. de C. V.

Segmentation of IFE credentials.

Automatic visual detection of wheel failures on the production line.
Stamping & Wheels S. A. de C. V.

Marketing strategies.
Shoe industry

SPI 2008
Three-phase separators modeling.
Center for Petroleum Research Studies (CEIP), of the University of Campeche.

Statistical predictions to reduce costs in the process of desalination of oil.
Center for Petroleum Research Studies (CEIP), of the University of Campeche.

Automatic visual inspection system for fault detection in lamp tube.
Quality control in defective batteries.
Panasonic (Battery Division).

Modeling and numerical simulation of perforation in organic tissues.
Private Medical Center