If your company is interested in submitting a problem to the workshop, it is necessary to send a brief description of the problem to the email, no later than December 6, 2019. Our team of experts can help you formulate the problem in order to be analyzed and treated with mathematical, statistical, computational or software engineering modeling techniques. Please contact us via email at or on the phones (473 ) 735-0800 Ext. 4553 and 4734.

  1. Contact us at or fill out the contact form (go to the form).
  2. If your problem is accepted in the workshop, you must send a written description to the address no later than December 6, 2019.
  3. Cover the registration fee of $20,000.00 plus VAT no later than December 6, 2019.

The participation of representatives of your company during the workshop is essential to guide the team efforts to find useful solutions for your company. We know that it is not always possible to attend the event all the time, so we  describe the moments when your presence is essential:

Problem presentation

On the first day of the event (Monday, January 13, 2020) a representative of your company must give a general presentation of the problem to the workshop participants (duration: 25 minutes).

It is suggested to include the following points in your presentation:

  1. Company name
  2. Brief description of the company
  3. Description of the problem.
    • Problem to solve
    • Actual state
    • Restrictions to be met

During the first day, it is important that the company representative is available to resolve the doubts of the working team and give a more specific explanation of the problem and provide the available data. It may be necessary to make a new and more comprehensive presentation to the team.

Presentation of results

On Friday (January 17, 2020) the results will be presented by the assigned team, so the presence of a company representative is also required to receive the conclusions and give feedback to the team.

During the workshop

A representative of the company must be available (by phone and / or email) to answer questions that may arise to the work team. It is important to note that the success of the study group depends largely on the feedback of the entrepreneur to answer their questions and thus prevent the team from working on assumptions


As requested by the company, when registering the problem to the workshop, the necessary confidentiality agreements will be signed. However, for the purpose of reports and presentations of the events, the name of the company and a brief description of the problem to be solved will be used.